CWD Wheel Hubs (Pair)

$8.00 USD

These CWD Wheel Hubs combine a lightweight plastic hub, with a metal ring and set screw to make sure they have a strong grip on the motor shaft! Retention clip can be installed using small pliers (not included).

These hubs are used in the Camp Witch Doctor robot kits, and can also be used to mount foam tires onto any 3mm shaft (can be drilled out to 1/8").

  • Weight is only 4g each (8g for the pair).
  • Mount wheels onto any 3mm shaft (can be drilled out to 1/8").
  • Designed to press into foam tires with a 1/2" ID. Non-round cross section prevents tire slipping.
  • Plastic is 3D printed PLA+ for added strength.
  • Requires a 0.50" hex key. If you're purchasing as a replacement for a Camp Witch Doctor kit, your kit includes this hex key.
  • Wheel Hub pair only. Does not include tires.

Installation Instructions:

1. If you take a look at the wheel hub, you’ll see that it isn’t perfectly round. This shape helps keep the tire from spinning on the hub under the power of your drive motors! You’ll also notice a groove on one side of the hub that will hold the hub clip.

2. Start by mounting the tire onto the wheel hub. It’s a tight fit so that the tire doesn’t slip while you’re driving, so its normal to have to use some force to push it on. Carefully stretch the center hole of the tire as you gently force it onto the wheel hub. It helps to start with one corner of the hub, and then work your way around.

3. Once the tire is on the hub, it should slide up against the rear hex flange like this:
4.  Now let’s install the hub clip to make sure your tire can’t fall off! Remember that groove you saw on the wheel hub? Make sure the groove is still visible on the hub now that the tire is installed. If you can’t see it, push the tire further in to expose it.
5. Lay the hub clip on the table with the flat side down. Use the tip of your pliers to grab it by the center like this:
6. Using the pliers, slide the hub clip into the groove on the wheel hub. It will take a little force to get it to slide in place.
7. Slide the hub over the shaft on your robot, with the hub clip facing out. 

8. Use a 0.05" hex key to tighten the set screw onto the shaft.