FingerTech "Silver Spark" 16mm Gearmotor 22:1

$18.99 USD

Compatible with the Camp Witch Doctor Robot Kits.

These 16mm Silver Spark Gearmotors have been the gold standard in combat robotics for many years!

Physical Specifications

  • Gearbox Length: 12.7mm (0.50in)
  • Motor Length: 28.7mm (1.13in)
  • Gearbox weight: 29g (1.02oz)
  • Motor weight (no gearbox): 17g (0.60oz)
  • Gearbox Diameter: 16mm (0.63in)
  • Shaft Diameter: 3mm (0.12in) with flat along length
  • Shaft Length: 38mm (1.5in)
  • Mounting Holes (2): #2-56 spaced 11mm (0.433in) apart
  • NOTE: do not use screws that protrude more than 2mm (0.078in) into gearbox

Motor (Mabuchi FK-050SH-13125) Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage: 3V - 18.5V (>10V decreases motor life)
  • Nominal Voltage: 6V, but most commonly run at 11.1V.
  • (14.8V runs fine but support the shaft because the gears are taking more abuse.)
  • No Load RPM: 11530rpm
  • No Load Current: 0.09A
  • Stall Current: 1.3A
  • Stall Torque: 0.0461kg-cm (0.64oz-in)
  • Kt: 0.0352kg-cm/A (0.49oz-in/A)
  • Kv: 1573rpm/V
  • Peak Efficiency: 52%
  • RPM @ Peak Eff: 9100
  • Current @ Peak Eff: 0.34A