Christmas Ornament - Choice of Titanium Rib Cage or Enamel Logo

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Celebrate the holidays with Team Witch Doctor! 

The string on each ornament is made of bendable green metallic rope. Ornament hangs 2-3" below tree branch.

Enamel Logo Ornament: This is a 1.75" wide metal charm filled with enamel color! The metal base is die struck and slightly raised, while the enamel is filled into the recessed cavities. 

Titanium Ribcage: Each charm is 1.75" wide and laser cut out of 0.040" Grade 5 Titanium. Andrea carefully polishes each charm and then anodizes it to match your color choice! Anodizing is a process that uses electric current to create a beautiful oxide layer that colors the metal while still showing off the titanium metal surface. Note: This product is handmade and may take 1-2 weeks to ship.