Camp Witch Doctor Build and Battle Robot Kit

$299.99 USD

(Each kit is made to order by Andrea. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery)


Want to build your first robot, but not sure where to start? Let Andrea from Team Witch Doctor be your guide as you learn to build, battle, and repair your robot! Andrea has been hosting combat robotics workshops in South Florida for years, and now you can bring this same workshop home!

The Camp Witch Doctor Build and Battle Box is designed to be fun, safe, and educational for builders ages 8+. Choose from TEN different bots and follow along with the companion 20 video series, so you can build with Andrea just like an in-person camp! Each Build and Battle Box also includes all of the 3D files for all 10 bots, so you can 3D print spare parts, build a different bot, or start learning 3D modeling so you can continue to grow as a robot builder.

Learn more about the kits from Andrea with this video. Then see what comes in the kit in this video!

If you are planning to compete in a local tournament, we highly recommend you bring some spare parts with you. You can buy a spare chassis and weapon set here:

You will receive a link to the 3D files so you can 3D print your own spare parts if you have access to a 3D printer.

Check out the full details below to see if Camp Witch Doctor is right for you! Contact us at for information about group discounts.

Here at Team Witch Doctor, we like to build fun, unique, colorful bots! Choose from TEN different themes and weapons to find the perfect robot for you. Will you choose a hammer, flipper, or a lifter? Each robot comes in white so you can add color and customize it to match your theme. Start thinking of a robot name!

In addition to your robot, the Camp Witch Doctor Build Box includes hardware, tools, safety glasses, radio equipment, batteries, and more to make sure you’re ready to build, battle, and repair your robot.

Starting with a kit like this gives you a chance to learn how the components work, how to connect them together, and allows you to get some battling experience before building a robot from scratch. 


The robot you are about to build is safe to build and battle at home without an arena. This allows you to get plenty of driving practice, and makes it easy to start your own local battles with friends. The bots are also competition legal in the 1lb Plastic Antweight division, so you can start competing if there are local tournaments near you.

Want to get the full Camp Witch Doctor Experience? Make sure to follow along with our companion video series! In these 20 video lessons, I’ll work with our camper Claudia as we go through a build from start to finish, while showing you the engineering concepts you need to know as a robot builder.

The included Build Book includes all the details you need to build and repair your robot without the companion video series, but the videos are a great way to add to your build experience. 

Did you know you can use reuse this same kit to build any of the TEN robots? Use the provided files to 3D print a different robot chassis and weapon! If you don’t have access to a 3D printer, the parts are also available for purchase here on our store.

You can also use the provided 3D model files to start learning Computer Aided Design (CAD) to modify and 3D print your own custom parts!

Ready to design and build your own robot from scratch? All of the components are highly competitive and can be reused in your next build!