3 Day Robot Workshop - July 5-7 in South Florida

$450.00 USD

Build your first combat robot with Andrea from Team Witch Doctor on BattleBots! Build a lifter, hammer, or grabber robot that you will take home to continue driving and competing!

This 3 day course will walk you through each step of building your first combat robot, while you learn the math, science, and engineering concepts you’ll need as a robot builder. The goal of this class is to prepare you to continue competing at local tournaments on your own!

Workshop Highlights:

  • Learn all about combat robots from Andrea, Captain of Witch Doctor on BattleBots
  • Build a competitive robot that's yours to keep
  • Add a servo-powered weapon to your robot to win battles!
  • Participate in your first Tournament
  • Meet other builders who love combat robots!

We will be building robots for the “Plastic Ant” division, which are one-pound robots without metal armor/weapons. This is a great division to get started, since you don’t need access to a machine shop to be competitive. Damage is minimized in this class, which allows students to get competition experience without expensive repair costs. We will be building robots with servo-powered weapons, which are safe to run outside of an arena with some basic precautions so students can continue practicing at home. Robots are provided with rechargeable 9V batteries, charger, and RC controller- everything you need to get started!

Add A Teammate Option: If you would like to build your robot with a friend, you can add one person to your team by selecting this option above the "Add To Cart" button. You will both attend the 3-day workshop to build and compete one robot together. You can choose who drives the robot for the tournament, or take turns driving!


This workshop will take place July 5-7 at Moonlighter FabLab at 1661 Pennsylvania Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139. Parking available at the Pennsylvania Garage (City Parking Rates May Vary). Main entrance from 17th Street.

Students must be ages 8+, adults welcome. Each student must bring their own lunch.


Please make sure to include a valid email at check out. I will be in touch so each student can choose their robot weapon (lifter, hammer, or grabber) closer to the workshop date.


Day 1: Build Your Drive Base

Wednesday July 5, 10-3pm


  • Meet and greet
  • Safety overview
  • Component review
  • Start building your drive base!


  • Electronics
  • Radio control systems
  • Batteries and chargers
  • Finish building your drive base


Day 2: Add A Weapon

Thursday July 6, 10-3pm


  • How servos work
  • Add a weapon to your robot (lifter, grabber, or hammer)
  • Decorate your robots! Choose a name and add some color to get your robots ready for battle!


  • Learn how to complete safety checks and check-in procedure for a tournament
  • Robot driving practice


Day 3: Tournament Day

Friday July 7, 10-5pm

  • Parents and family are welcome to attend for Day 3!
  • 11-12pm: We’ll start the day with a talk on a long-standing BattleBots tradition, along with a tour of the BattleBots exhibit in the Phase Gallery where participants can ask Andrea questions about the parts on display. https://creativemornings.com/talks/andrea-gellatly
  • 12-12:30: Lunch break
  • 12:30-5pm: Compete in your first tournament! You’ll get a chance to battle your bots in the arena. Get experience competing, driving, and repairing your bot!