B Is for BattleBots (Digital Download)

$5.00 USD

Surprise your favorite BattleBots fan this holiday season with a DIGITAL copy of B IS FOR BATTLEBOTS, written by Andrea Gellatly of Team Witch Doctor!

Inspired by the TV show BattleBots, B Is for BattleBots motivates young readers to take an interest in reading, robotics and STEM. This alphabet book includes three reading levels on each page to adapt to each reader’s growing ability.

Caleb Kempson’s striking illustrations bring concepts to life, as young readers learn:

  • New vocabulary
  • Basic robotics concepts
  • Fun facts about their favorite robots

Review from Stacy and her son Jase, age 6:

“Jase is able to understand the descriptions without finding them too ‘childish.’ It still feels advanced and technical to him, which has increased his confidence in school.”

Proceeds benefit the "Witch Doctor Junior" educational program.