Standalone LCD Animated Eye Circuit Board from Andrea's Top Hat

$60.00 USD

This is the same LCD Eye Circuit Board that Andrea uses on her Top Hat on BattleBots! It features a 1.28" Round 240x240 Pixel LCD, powered by included RP2040 (Raspberry Pi Processor).

The Animated Eye PCB was designed and manufactured by

LCD Eye Circuit Board Only (No Battery):

  • Ready to use and requires no programming!
  • It includes a MicroUSB connector (cable not included) above the board so you can easily use a USB power source such as a battery (optional accessory in this listing).
  • Perfect for a custom top hat, just like Team Witch Doctor!



There is a known issue with the ground on the pictured 5V pads (J5). If you are planning to use these pads, you will need to jump the ground elsewhere on the board. If you are ordering a board with pre-soldered leads (such as the pit cap or top hat stand) we have already done this for you. Alternatively, you can use the JP1 or JP2 pads for a 3V source (I used these with a 1s LiPo battery and it worked well).